Analytical Solution

Big Data Analytical Solution

Centralized & state of the art BI

Keeping a single version of the truth via a customized and secure web solution. A centralized approach is the only way to ensure self-service & ad-hoc reporting for users while maintaining governability and security


Astonishing dashboards & simplified infographics to track your KPIs. Necto is the only solution which can simplify visualization to convey data stories to the masses.


A comprehensive set of tools for analysts, to research the data for insights, while giving them a natively multidimensional sandbox to find new insights that are important to the business and operation

Optimized on the Amdocs systems: Necto is the only modern Analytical BI solution which is certified and optimized on the Amdocs system.

Frequently asked questions

A centralized BI tool, like Necto Telecom, enables telco enterprises to stay ahead of competitors and anticipate customer needs. Users can work in a single web solution, where data updated for everyone. Using a centralized BI tool, users can analyze data from different departments like marketing, finance, customer service, sales, and engineering. With governed data permissions, departments can share resources and insights.

No. Necto Telecom is a pre-packaged data analytics solution dedicated to Telecom. Ready-made analytics for all business processes in telecom, With the guidance of our teams you will be able to create your own dashboards.

Necto Telecom is a modern data analytics solution dedicated to all Telecom & Media needs, helping them to drive higher ARPU & profits. Powered by a Pre-Packaged Analytics suite that includes the acquisition, analysis, and presentation of data & insights.

Our research shows that CSP’s who prioritized data analytics and insights along with technology transformation has been achieving their digital transformation goals earlier than others. CSPs who wants to lead in their domain will need to deploy modern “system of insight” which help transform customers and operations data into insights. Read more on how analytics can help companies in their digital transformation