Necto Telecom, from Panorama Software, is the world leading data analytics solution for communications and media service providers. Pre-integrated with leading OSS & BSS solutions, Necto Telecom transforms your operational and business data into actionable business insights. Necto Telecom is successfully deployed at multiple telco carriers, worldwide.
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Ready-made reporting and self-service analytics solution optimized for Telecom carriers and service providers.

Discover what you need to know and use collaboration capabilities to quickly address the issues found.

Why Necto Telecom?

• Data analytics solution dedicated for Telecom

• Ready-made analytics solutions for all business processes of communications service providers

• Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards

• Most comprehensive data analytics solution with advanced data discovery and collaboration tools

• Self-service analytics that are easy to use by business users

• Pre-integrated with leading BSS & OSS solutions

• Field-proven solution, successfully installed by telecom carriers worldwide

Ready-Made Business Modules

After investigating the challenges that communications service providers are facing, and identifying the best-practice approaches for addressing them, we mapped the key business processes and information which are involved in the process. Based on that, we developed a comprehensive set of Necto Telecom Business Modules. Each Business Module provides a complete, ready-made solution for a specific domain, including out-of-the-box dashboards, reports and analytics, tailored for perfecting the business processes in that domain. In addition, we developed cross-domain business modules, such as ‘Lead to Cash’, ‘Ticket to Resolution’ and others. Our ready-made Necto Telecom Business Modules help our customers increase ARPU and LTV, optimize OPEX and CAPEX, provide better service and improve profitability in a short time.

Amdocs Best Innovation Partner

Amdocs awarded us as their Best Innovation Partner. The award is an honor, as it represents our innovation from product, technology and service perspectives, and our deep engagement and commitment.

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