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  • Increase Your ARPU & LTV By Using Data Analytics

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Surveys, questionnaires, employee reports Ultimately; nothing speaks louder than the data itself. Hidden within your data are precious insights; Necto Telecom’s analytics tools and expertise unlock them so you can understand where your company truly stands.

Make your point with impactful reports

With Necto Telecom, you can produce beautiful reports that communicate your message, guide decision-makers and make an impact on your business.

Complete Self Service Analytics tailored for all telecom and media needs

Pre-integrated to your BSS/OSS, Necto Telecom provides acceleration and easiness for reporting. We supply pre-packaged analysis of Subscribers, showing statistics on top KPIs and Trends like activations, disconnections, suspensions, etc

Build a strategy based on data, not speculation

With Necto Telecom’s big data analytics, reveal the game-changing trends that can help you identify the right KPIs and shape your company’s strategy and direction.

Grow lifetime value (LTV) and average revenue per user (ARPU)

On paper, every customer looks and sounds the same; Necto Telecom helps you identify each customer’s unique fingerprint and understand how best to work with them. Ultimately, a tailored, data-based approach bridges the gap between an indifferent customer and one who keeps coming back and is the secret sauce for increased customer LTV and ARPU.

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 Dozens of Pre-packaged Analytical Solutions for communications & media providers, such as:

  • Subscriber dynamics
  • Sales analytics
  • Billing & Charging analytics